Serving Canadian healthcare for over 30 Years
Founded in 1990

Associated Health Systems Inc. (AHS) is a Canadian specialty medical/surgical distributor with custom manufacturing capabilities. AHS is ISO 13485:2016 certified. Founded in 1990, AHS operates from distribution facilities in Surrey, British Columbia, Edmonton, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario and employs over 40 people, including 11 Sales Specialists that serve key markets across Canada.

Unlike traditional medical distribution companies that focus solely on supply chain management, AHS offers a unique set of capabilities. These include local sales, marketing and manufacturing leadership, clinical support and regional product distribution that together deliver exceptional value for our clients.

AHS is corporate partner of the Safer Healthcare Now campaign joining hospitals and health regions from across Canada to improve healthcare delivery. Our corporate focus aligns with the objectives of Safer Healthcare Now in addressing three core healthcare needs: Operational Efficiency, Surgical Site Infection Reduction and Injury Prevention.