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What is VascuTherm™ & how does it work?

VascuTherm™ is a specialized medical device that utilizes advanced technology to provide fast and targeted rehabilitation support to individuals recovering from musculoskeletal injuries and surgeries. It works through a unique combination of heat/cold temperature application and intermittent compression therapy. The patented technology employs an air/fluid filled wrap that is secured around the affected area and filled with a controlled amount pressure. The device then generates hot or cold fluid that circulates though the wrap and transfers deep into the tissue, promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage to improve blood flow and speed up recovery.

Is the VascuTherm™ Rental Program available near me?

Yes, we are happy to offer the VascuTherm™ Rental Program to patients across Canada. Pick-up is available at no charge from our warehouse located in Edmonton, AB. Shipping rates apply.

What parts of the body can VascuTherm™ be applied to?

With its easy-to-use design, VascuTherm™ allows for convenient application to many areas of the body including the neck, back, shoulder, knee and ankle. Wrap is an additional cost not included in the Rental Program pricing displayed on our website.