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Validated in biomechanical testing and clinical study. Used in more than 5,000 institutions worldwide for over 20 years!

All-soft think tapered padding. Soft enough to sleep in.

Institution Wash-and-Dry
Machine wash-and-dry - even at high institutional temperatures. Wont fall apart or degrade like competitive products.

Breakthrough design - refined and improved in more than 10 years of development. High quality materials and processes insure the best hip protector available.

All HipSaver hip protectors are a durable polycotton constructions with soft pads permanently sewn in to cover each trochanter. The visco-elastic foam pads are radio-frequency sealed into a high temperature tolerant waterproof pouch.

HipSaver hip protectors are soft and comfortable to increase compliance, scientifically validated and GUARANTEED to be machine wash-and-dry even in high temperatures used in institution laundries.

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Open Bottom Open Bottom

Open crotch design for easy toileting!

Price: $69.99
Slim Fit Slim Fit

Specially designed for seniors at home and great for outpatients

Price: $79.99
HipSaver Nursing Home Model Hip Protector Canada Nursing Home Model

Protect your hips with the best! HipSaver Hip Protectors!

Price: $79.99
SoftSweat Shorts SoftSweat Shorts

HipSaver Shorts come in 3 colors & fit both men and women perfectly.

Price: $86.99
Interim Interim

Perfect for short stays!

Price: $86.99
Quick Change Quick Change

Snap-down panel for a quick pad or liner change — with just two snaps!

Price: $90.99
Softsweats Pants Softsweats Pants

Soft sweatpants with genuine HipSaver protection

Price: $94.99
Wrap & Snap Wrap & Snap

Now Incontinence Management is a Snap with Wrap&Snap from HipSaver!

Price: $95.99