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Wrap & Snap

Wrap & Snap

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    If you have a current, valid prescription from a Healthcare Professional your Hip Protectors are GST/HST exempt. In order to receive the exemption do not place your order online. Please fill out the order form below and fax or email the form & the prescription to our customer service team. Please note, for privacy reasons we cannot call for credit card information. If this form is incomplete, it will delay your order.

HipSaver® Wrap&Snap™

    Now Incontinence Management is a Snap with Wrap&Snap from HipSaver.

    Machine wash-and-dry within CDC guidelines for infection control

    Entire unit is launderable and no time consuming pad change out and dealing with lost pads

    Soft, thin (1/2"), sewn in pads, tapered for protection with style
    Can be worn 24 hours a day

    Snap-on and snap-off with proven HipSaver protection!

    The HipSaver Wrap&Snap unsnaps completely to eliminate pull-up and pull-down dressing. Perfect for hard-to-dress residents or those who require frequent changing. And, unlike competitive products, the Wrap&Snap comes with reinforced snaps for extra durability and protective pads that are 40% larger and tapered for comfort. Best of all, with the Wrap&Snap you won’t need an extra pair of hands to snap it back together!

    Best of all, HipSaver Wrap&Snap actually protects hips better than bulky or hard-shell protectors. So it’s ideal for fashion-conscious and active elders who are at risk of hip fracture, but reject uncomfortable and obvious hip protection products. The entire unit can be washed and dried at institution regulation temperatures (up to 195°F/90°C).

    Measure the circumference around hips
    (not a waist measurement)
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  • Proven
    Validated in biomechanical testing and clinical study. Used in more than 5,000 institutions worldwide for over 20 years!

    All-soft think tapered padding. Soft enough to sleep in.

    Institution Wash-and-Dry
    Machine wash-and-dry - even at high institutional temperatures. Wont fall apart or degrade like competitive products.

    Superior Breakthrough Design - refined and improved in more than 10 years of development. High quality materials and processes insure the best hip protector available.

    All HipSaver hip protectors are a durable polycotton constructions with soft pads permanently sewn in to cover each trochanter. The visco-elastic foam pads are radio-frequency sealed into a high temperature tolerant waterproof pouch.

    HipSaver hip protectors are soft and comfortable to increase compliance, scientifically validated and GUARANTEED to be machine wash-and-dry even in high temperatures used in institution laundries.