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Upcoming knee or hip replacement?

Associated Health System’s VascuTherm™ Rental Program Revolutionizes Patient Care

Our VascuTherm™ 10 Day Rental Program is available for patients across Canada:

With its easy-to-use design, VascuTherm™ allows for convenient application to many areas of the body including the neck, back, shoulder, knee and ankle. The device is also portable, allowing for use at home or at work.

Pick up available from our warehouse by appointment. Shipping rates apply.

It is recommended to book your rental starting the first day of your schedule surgery. Daily rates to extend your 10 day rental are available.

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I used VascuTherm™ for three weeks post total knee replacement.

Because it's programmed to deliver cold therapy and compression at timed intervals there is no filling of machines with ice water, timing the application or worrying about the temperature. All you have to do is apply the pad, elevate your leg and relax.

The combined cold therapy and compression felt wonderful post surgery and due to the ease of use, I had it on several times a day. At my two week appointment post surgery I had minimal swelling which I attributed to the VascuTherm™.

by Janice A.